Public Advocate Message

Welcome to the website of the Office of the Public Advocate.

We are an independent statutory Office of the South Australian Government.

We exist to promote the rights and interests of people who may need assistance with decision making. 

We promote rights through delivering our services.  Services includes giving advice, finding alternatives to guardianship, advocacy, investigations, and acting as guardian of last resort.  These are delivered by a team of professional and administrative staff.

The Office is guided by the principles and requirements of the key legislation that we work under.  This website gives information about rights and the law.

Also, we are committed to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of  Persons with  Disabilities.  We seek to offer system changes so that rights are upheld. 

Our developmental work has focussed on the right to equal recognition before the law, so that people have authority over their lives wherever possible.  This includes people being supported to make their own decisions wherever possible, instead of having others make decisions for them.

Another significant focus of our work is preventing and responding to abuse and neglect – upholding the right of people to freedom from exploitation, violence and abuse. 

We are proud of the work we do, and welcome feedback on how we can do it better.

I hope you find the content helpful, and should the website not answer your question we would welcome your phone call, to see our contact details Click Here.

Anne Gale